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Accessibility Statement


At a minimum this site is required to meet WCAG 2.0 AA. We believe that it does much better than that as all components that end up here are tested against as many automated tools, manual checks, screen readers, and validators as we have available to us. Tell us if we're wrong at or by submitting a pull request or open an issue for this website on our github repository.

Accessibility isn't easy

Anything that is clearly marked as "Demo" or something like "For Demonstrations Only" are still in progress and likely we are testing these components for functionality and accessibility, so please give us the space and time to do that. Testing components on real websites, in real browsers, with real content, served from real servers, and checked by real people is the best way for us to determine if something is worthy of inclusion into the design system or use anywhere on NYS websites.

We are trying to bake in accessibility review as early as possible in the design and build process. It is always part of the code review process prior to inclusion even on this testing environment.

When in doubt we try to just use semantic html elements with minimal styling and as little javascript as possible.

More Reading

For more information see the NYS ITS Accessibility Policy